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Introducing Hara Machinery’s technology strengths.

Point 1. Turnkey based equipment

Our silicon processing machinery is turnkey based, covering the process between processing of polysilicon, and the front-end of wafers. Since only a few companies in the world can offer this advanced machinery solution, we provide the technology to several large manufacturers in China, South Korea, and other nations.

Point 2.  Exact and precise specification proposal

Based on over 60 years of rich experience in machinery manufacturing, we have developed high level know-how in specification proposal. For instance, in diamond tool machinery, we can respond to the custom requirements of each customer with our rich experience in processing of silicon, ceramics, carbon, and concrete. To move beyond the status quo, we propose the most advanced device to our customers.

Point 3.  Technology of new machinery development

We have been working on machinery development using the know-how we have gained in the fields of silicon processing and stone processing machinery. The most recent case of new development is a “Solar tracking system”, that is, a high efficiency device of solar power generation. Test manufacturing of new machinery are conducted routinely, and are applied to the real products. The requests for new machinery development from our customers are always welcome. Please contact us for more information.

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